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Acredia Medication Management

Unleash eNRMC’s potential to transform and enhance your aged care management with Acredia’s Medication Management module.

Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) systems are transforming the way nursing homes and aged care providers are conducting medication management.

By replacing pen-and-paper records, siloed spreadsheets and manual prescriptions, eNRMC systems are revolutionising the way aged care facilities ensure medication safety and compliance for residents.

What is an eNRMC system?

An “Electronic National Residential Medication Chart” (eNRMC) platform is a digital system used to prescribe medicines, as well as manage and document medication administration in aged care settings like nursing homes.

This removes the need for paper prescriptions and manual documentation.

An eNRMC platform allows healthcare professionals, nurses and staff to record and track each resident’s medication orders, doses, administration times and other relevant information to improve care and workplace efficiencies.

Electronic medication charts help streamline the medication administration and management process, reduce errors and improve residents’ safety.

Acredia’s Medication Management module is a prime example of an eNRMC system.


What are the benefits of eNRMC systems for aged care providers?

An Electronic National Residential Medication Chart, such as Acredia’s module, connects every member of your aged care facility team – that is, healthcare professionals, nurses and staff – through a centralised, digital platform

This means there is one “single source of truth” that fosters doctor, pharmacy and facility-wide collaboration when it comes to medicine management for residents.

The benefits of an eNRMC system in aged care include:

  1. Efficiency and Accuracy: An electronic system can streamline various processes, such as medication management, residents’ records and care planning. This can lead to reduced paperwork, reduced errors and increased accuracy in data management.
  2. Improved Communication: An eNRMC system can enhance communication among caregivers and healthcare professionals. Instant access to information and updates can facilitate quicker responses to changes in a resident’s condition.
  3. Centralised Records: Storing all relevant information electronically in one system can make it easier to access and share medicine data among different healthcare providers, leading to better-coordinated care.
  4. Reduced Medication Errors: An electronic system assists with medication administration, ensuring the right medication, dosage and timing, which then reduces the risk of medication errors.
  5. Cost Savings: The initial implementation of an eNRMC system may require an investment, but it can be offset with grant funds. In the long run, this investment can also result in substantial cost savings by reducing paperwork, streamlining processes and preventing errors.


Acredia is eNRMC register approved

At Acredia, we take pride in our Medication Management module, which meets all the transitional eNRMC requirements and is officially listed on the Australian Digital Health Agency authorised vendor register.

With its user-friendly interface, our Medication Management module minimises the need for extensive training, enabling you then to seamlessly collaborate with doctors and pharmacies.

Your business can depend on Rx to streamline your medical workflow and enhance your interactions with healthcare professionals.


Ensure medication safety and compliance for residents with Acredia

No more manual prescriptions, siloed spreadsheets and time-consuming tasks. Get all of your aged care facility’s prescription and medication administration needs in a single, intuitive platform.

Let’s discuss how Acredia Care can help you remain functional, up to date and compliant.

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